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OnLive Still Seeking Approval for iPad App



Last year OnLive released its cloud gaming app on Android and submitted a similar app for the iOS App Store. The iOS app is still missing, but OnLive is working on it.

According to TouchArcade, OnLive is still working with Apple to get the app on the iPad. Despite apparent setbacks, the company still wants iPad gamers to enjoy its cloud gaming service like Android users can.

Like the Android version of the app, OnLive for iPad can work with just touch controls, but it is better when played with a controller. While many iPad apps do work with accessories like Bluetooth gamepads or keyboards, they all still work with touch controls. OnLive doesn’t offer touch controls on every game, which Apple likely isn’t happy about.Onlive Ipad gaming

It also seems likely that Apple isn’t too keen on the idea of allowing an entirely different games ecosystem on its tablet. We doubt an OnLive iPad app would let gamers buy access to games through the app, but Apple could view every game played on the app as lost revenue either way.

This is all just speculation at the moment, and we’ll probably never know exactly why Apple hasn’t yet approved the app. We hope that OnLive and Apple are able to work something out.

We’d hate to see all of OnLive’s efforts go to waste, and we’d love a chance to experience cloud gaming on the iPad. Other hardcore games like the upcoming Infinity Blade Dungeons are nice, but it’d be nice to also have to option to play games like Batman Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third on the iPad.

On second thought, Mature-rated games like Saints Row: The Third might be another reason Apple hasn’t approved the app yet. We doubt Apple would approve of the raunchiness of a game that has a giant sex toy as a weapon.

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