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OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #19



James Kendrick and Marc Orchant just posted the latest edition of OnTheRun with Tablet PCs. Pretty good show as they talk about Office 2007, TabletKiosk’s eo, and the video reviews I posted last week.  Marc defends his “gadget turf” as he talks about my M280 review and tells me I might need to start working out if I find the M280 too heavy. Good stuff.

Just to be clear – I’ve owned the M280 since October 2005 and feel like I know the tablet pretty well, reception to it from others who have used it and reception to it from demos to my customers. My wife has used it, my son has used it, my mother-in-law owns one, and I’ve tried using as my sole computer. My review was based on actual, real, long term usage. The good thing about this market is that we are beginning to see a lot of choices to fit working needs. As I indicated in the review, if you need a wide screen tablet, you don’t need to look any further.

Next up on the review list – either the X41 Tablet PC or the eo umpc. If we get the prototype, that James had, in this week, then I’ll bump the X41 to next week.

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