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OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Show #27



James Kendrick and Marc Orchant are back with show #27 of OnTheRun With Tablet PCs.

Listen and download here.

Here are the show notes:

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #27 after a very long, unrestful hiatus and we have some catching up to do.  The latest build of Vista seems to be making a lot of people happy, especially Tableteers like Kevin Tofel.  Everyone must be aware of the big battery recall going on now affecting Dell, Sony, and Apple customers.  Hey, these are the three big OEMs who don’t make Tablet PCs.  Hmmm, coincidence?  I think not.  Marc is loving the new Object Desktop 2007 for simulating Vista Glass on his XP Tablet.  Matt Miller visits Mobile Tech Manor and watches my HP tc1100 die.  HP warranty service came to the rescue and in just a few hours the tc1100 came home feeling all better.  James used a Sony U71 with the 5 inch screen as a replacement while waiting for the return of the tc1100 and the experience has him jonesing for a UMPC. 

Does the Asus R2H really have a screen resolution of 1280×768, a first for a UMPC.  James may have his hands on a Samsung Q1 with a flash memory hard drive.  The two new TabletKiosk eo UMPCs look pretty sweet and the one with the Pentium M gives Marc and James pause for consideration.  We would never tether our Palm Treos to our Tablets since that would violate the Terms of Service (TOS).  Marc gets a Palm Treo 700p and to his surprise finds out he now has EVDO coverage.  Can you use OneNote Mobile with a TAblet PC to help you move?  TabletKiosk is hitting the road to show off their new UMPCs.  Allegiance Technology Partners is throwing a Tablet PC Webinar soon so don’t forget to sign up if you want to participate.

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