Oops: Sprint Says HTC EVO 3D Can Only Capture 720p Video

We are just a few days from launch and it appears that HTC and Sprint have waited until now to let the public know that the HTC EVO 3D, the phone that we thought could capture 2D video at 1080p quality, can actually only capture 720p video. Period.


In a statement made to Android Central, here is what Sprint had to say after it was discovered that the EVO 3D could not shoot the 1080p quality video as had been seen on spec sheets:

Our apologies, but there was a typo in the spec sheet for EVO 3D. The correct feature should read: capture video up to 720p and playback up to 1080p on both 2D and 3D.

Bummer that they left that typo there until now but it’s not the end of the world. 720p is still good and the EVO 3D still features 1080p video playback for both 2D and 3D content.