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Optimizing Vista Media Center for pen and touch



Vista Media Center and the Tablet PCOver the past week, I’ve been talking about Vista Media Center and the goodness it brings to Ultra-Mobile PC and Tablet PC users. As such, I was very excited to see this article from Aaron Stebner, courtesy of Tom Alphin of the Microsoft Tablet PC Team blog.

In his article, Aaron gives some instructions on optimizing the Vista Media Center experience for both pen and touch. By implementing some suggested registry hacks, the playback controls become visible all the time, and navigational controls are always visible whenever the toolbars are visible. Without these setting changes, you have to know where the controls are as they are activated upon hover. There are other changes that could be made to the UI to make them more touch friendly, like making the minimize / max / close and back buttons bigger, but overall the experience is a big plus. I’m curious to know what other changes GBM readers might suggest to make Vista Media Center an even better experience for pen and touch users?

Next month, I plan on doing an InkShow on Vista Media Center focusing on mobility use case scenarios, as well as comparing it to the Origami Experience Pack. Stay tuned.

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