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Optrix Introduces XD5 iPhone 5 SPorts Camera Case



Optrix introduced its new XD5 rugged camera case for iPhone 5 today at CES. According to company, the new XD5 iPhone 5 camera case is the “toughest iPhone case ever built.” The company claims the case can protect the iPhone 5 from drops of up to 15 feet, while most other cases only promise drop protection from heights of just two feet.

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The Optrix XD5 can also keep the iPhone 5 dry in water of up to 15 feet, compared to the three feet depth LifeProof can promise. Because of its rating the Optrix XD5 is likely a good choice for users who want to shoot a lot of video underwater.

The big draw for the Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5, in addition to its durability, is the case’s improved camera lens. The XD5 adds a three-element wide-angle lens to the iPhone 5 for taking action shots.Optrix_XD5

To help users take action shots while out and about the Optrix XD5 also has a mounting system. The mount can attach the iPhone 5 to a bike, helmet or anything else an athlete might think to attach an action camera to.

The Optrix XD5 protects every port on the iPhone 5, but it also has a special hinge door that covers the ports on the bottom of the device. That way users can flip pen the door to access the Lightning port to charge the phone, or the headphone port to listen to music.

The Optrix XD 5 is one of the first rugged action camera cases for the iPhone 5. Companies like Mophie also make rugged cases designed for athletes who want to film their various exploits. Many of those cases are only available for iPhone 4/4S, however. Athletes with the iPhone 5s don’t have too many choices yet.

Optrix expects to ship the XD5 rugged iPhone 5 camera case on February 5. Users who want to get the case as soon as it ships can pre-order for $129.95.

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