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OQO Model 02 – An Office in Your Pocket?



I wouldn’t classify the OQO Model 02 Tablet PC as pocketable, but it is one of the most complete and most productive ultra-mobile devices I’ve ever used. seems to agree.

They take a good look at the Model 02 from a productive standpoint as well. Good read.

The new OQO model 02 ultramobile PC would look at home in a piano bar. We almost thought we heard jazz wafting out of the box when we opened it.

This model, the successor to the model 01+, has had a major design overhaul. The company traded in the gunmetal-gray color for black, and also rounded the left and right sides for a sleek, sophisticated look. Even the air vents look cool: Instead of a standard mesh grate, the vent covers are circles of varying sizes, making them look futuristic.

The OQO is special because it’s a tiny, one-pound device that is nevertheless a full-featured PC, running full versions of Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. That differentiates it from similar-sized portable computers on the market, which generally run abbreviated operating systems and don’t contain all of the features of a PC or laptop.

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