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OQO Model 02 Does Yellowstone



IMG_0551 I’ve spent the last two weeks on vacation, the last week of which was spent in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I’m pleased to say that I took very little technology with me, except for a camera, my phone, a Zune, and an evaluation unit of the OQO Model 02 Tablet PC.

As a mobile computer, the OQO really shone. The integrated Sprint Broadband wasn’t of much use to me due to poor Sprint coverage, though. To check email periodically, I tethered it via Bluetooth to my phone and connected via Verizon.

I’ve only got a few niggles with the OQO, and they are mostly similar to what others have experienced. The biggest negative, in my opinion, is the lack of a pen garage, which meant I needed to remember to bring an active pen with me everywhere I went. The only other negative is that the max memory is 1gb. According to OQO’s Bob Rosin, the 2 gb version of the memory chip has not been manufactured yet. I thought I would miss touch on a device this small, but after using it for a week, I can attest that the lack of touch is a non-issue for me now due to the slide-up screen.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a tablet pc, but the OQO Model 02 brought that joy back for me this past week. With its small size, easy to use keyboard, snappy processor, and active digitizer, my experience has been nothing but positive. I’m going to really enjoy using my own OQO Model 02 within the next few weeks.

I took some pictures of the OQO Model 02 enjoying the Yellowstone experience, and thought I’d share those with everyone, along with a few other pictures. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

The Model 02 fit perfectly in the side compartment of our car, kept neatly out of the way, side by side with some necessary DVDs for the kids.
The Model 02 in the center console of a Suburban on our way to Yellowstone
Preparing for a hike, the Model 02 tucked away in the top compartment of my backpack.
Out on a hike 
The Model 02 taking a rest on a log after a long hike 
The Model 02 doing a little stall surfing in an out-house on the trail. 
Cleaning up from the out-house with some hand sanitizer.
Caught braking the rules..shame on you. 
Taking a rest by a canyon. 
Looking over a valley. 
My wife and I, as seen through the eyes of my daughter 5 year-old daughter, Zoe.
An isolated shower near Fishing Bridge. 


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