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OQO Model 02 Facing Challenges from New Entries



OQO page 1-75-pct OQO has been the model of what a productive mobile pc should be: small, light, connected, reasonably fast, and inconspicuous. Now, they are facing some heady challenges from the likes of HP, Fujitsu, and Asus.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on OQO, how they started, and the new competitors on the block. Knowing OQO, I think they are up for it. It is very good reading for those interested in the ultra-mobile space.

Along those lines, Ken Hinckley got his Model 02 in and is starting to do some very interesting work with it with InkSeine. He immediately compared it to his Moleskine, and created a page to give it that “personal” flavor.

I have to tell you, I really miss my Model 02. It was the best ultra-portable I’ve ever used. I think I might be up for another one when OQO refreshes their line. Be sure to check out OQO’s Outlet Store for some aggressive prices starting at $999.

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