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OQO Model 02 SSD – Wow!



I’m testing out an OQO Model 02 with the new 32 GB SSD drive, and I have to say that I am floored with the performance increase over the Model 02 with the 4200 rpm drive (HDD). The boot-up and application loading times are noticeably faster. I’m working on an InkShow to be posted up on Thursday, but wanted to post up these initial numbers as a general comparison:

Power-on to log-on ( both on Vista, and using Balanced power mode):

Model 02 1.6 ghz 32 GB SSD: 58 seconds
Model 02 1.5 ghz 60 GB 4200 rpm HDD: 2 minutes, 38 seconds

What is not evident in the above timing comparison, is that I’m also able to begin working much more quickly after logon on the SSD vs the HDD. FYI: There is 100 mhz increase in CPU over the non-HDD version, but I don’t think it factors much in to the results.

I’ll be doing a lot of comparisons in the InkShow: application loading, battery life, bootup , shutdown, standby, etc. Is there anything else I should cover? Based on what I’m experiencing, given a choice and at the current 32 GB SSD prices, I would always choose SSD over a HDD.

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