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OQO shifting to a vertical focus



Here is some news from PC Magazine on OQO: a retooling effort to shift to the vertical market, a move brought on by their newly announced CEO, Jay Shiveley. In my opinion, this is a smart decision by OQO, but they are going to have to address the achilles heal of the OQO: the transmeta processor. Here is their press release as well.

One of the pioneers of the ultramobile PC, OQO, will likely retool itself to address vertical business applications, the company’s new chief executive said late Monday.

Jay Shiveley, who most recently served as managing director of venture-capital fund VantagePoint Venture Partners, was officially named to run the company on Monday after serving in an unofficial capacity for several days.

In an interview, Shively said OQO has weathered its startup phase, but needs to develop a core market to move forward. OQO plans to identify several vertical enterprise markets and applications and transform its miniature PC into a business tool, he added, adding that the recent announcements of Microsoft’s “Origami” project had given its efforts extra weight.

Shivley goes on to say that Microsoft is focused on the wrong market in regards to Origami:

But Microsoft is also focused on the wrong market, Shiveley added. “It may be self-preserving for Microsoft to be going after the consumer market with a simplistic device” that looks like a PDA, he said. “Business applications need a laptop-style environment, with a keyboard, and that’s a fact.”

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