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OQO Model 02 Tablet PC I found out the hard way that the screen protector on the OQO Model 02 is there for a reason.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to remove the screen protector in order to work out a few air bubbles. What I didn’t realize was that the OQO has one of the most scratch sensitive screens I have ever used. With the screen protector off, I rubbed my clean finger on the screen in order to remove a piece of dust. Imagine my shock when a scratch appeared – and it wouldn’t come off. “That’s strange, let me get some cleaner and a cloth, and try to rub it out.” There must have been something on that cloth because scratches appeared after cleaning the screen, too. Fortunately, the scratches were only visible while the unit was off and didn’t affect the usability of the OQO.

So, l lived with it for a few weeks and then contacted OQO support to find out my options. They treated it as an RMA warranty issue, and sent me a Fed Ex tag. I sent it out last Thursday, and guess what showed up yesterday: my OQO with a scratch free screen. That was much quicker than I anticipated, and a much better response time than other OEMs I’ve worked with in the past. Kudos to OQO on a quick response time and keeping this customer happy and productive!

Lesson learned: do not remove that screen protector unless you need to replace. When you decide to replace it, make sure you have spares on hand, and be sure to put the new one on right away. If you clean your screen, make sure you use a lint free cloth and cleaner, and double check that the cloth has nothing on it.

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