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OQO Updates the Model 02 Tablet PC



OQO Model 02 Tablet PC Updated This past Thursday, I traveled to San Francisco to attend an invitation-only briefing by OQO, where they announced updated features to the Model 02 Tablet PC, a lowered entry-level price point, and introduced their new CEO, Dennis Moore.

Here is the run-down:

  • Dennis Moore has joined OQO as their new CEO. Moore is the former general manager of the Emerging Solutions division of SAP, a business unit that he envisioned, built and managed, with responsibility for creating SAP solutions for new markets, including mobile information workers.
  • EV-DO Rev A support can now be ordered with “Better” and “Best” configuration. In addition, OQO announced a $249 upgrade service for current Model 02 owners so they can upgrade from EV-DO Rev 0 to Rev A. They are also providing a $50 rebate on all new WWAN activations.
  • Upgraded VIA processor from 1.5 ghz to 1.6 ghz.
  • Support for up to 120GB harddrives, as well as increased harddrive capacities in the entry-level configuration to 40gb, and 80gb in the standard high-end configuration.
  • 32 GB SSD support, which is a $500 upgrade option on the Best configuration. This helps reduce boot times, as well as offer faster application launch times, and increased battery life. Details are still being worked out on offering an upgrade service to current Model 02 owners who wish to move to an SSD drive.
  • Lowered entry-level price point by $200 to $1299.

Here is the official press release.

During the evening, I also spent some great one-on-one time with OQO’s COO Bob Rosin, CTO Joe Bettis-Lacroix, and Brandon Sneed, a Senior Software Engineer at OQO. We talked about fan noise, the need for programmable function keys, the dashboard, Vista, and of course, the need for a built-in stand. These guys are doing some awesome work and are focused like a laser-beam on usability for the mobile information worker. As I mention during the Q & A portion of the program ( which you will see and hear shortly ), OQO has nailed this form factor. As I pointed out, it will get better as they add support for dual-mode touch ( touch + active digitizer ), which will be especially helpful for those, like me and Eddie, who mount their Model 02’s in vehicles.




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