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Orb to be available for iPhone, Touch



Orb Networks If you aren’t familiar with Orb Networks, you should be. Orb gives you the ability to access all of your music, photos, and other media over the Internet while away from home. And it does it for free. Orb already works on a variety of devices, including laptops, Tablet PCs, and most phones. As an added feature, if you have a TV tuner or PVR on your home computer, you can also stream video from your TV tuner, much like the Slingbox does. The interface is very simple. On the iPhone it works through the browser and will access your Winamp setup at home, giving you access to all of your tunes. If you have succumbed to the iPhone as so many have, then you should check out the video at YouTube to see how well this appears to be working.

This kind of activity is commonly called "place-shifting" where you can do something while away from home that you would ordinarily do at home. I think more and more people are doing place-shifiting activities whether they know it or not. And with applications like Orb, it’s getting easier every day.

via The Register

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