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Origami Experience 2.0 at The Windows Experience Blog



If you’re interested in what’s going on with Origami Experience 2.0 you might want to head over to the The Windows Experience Blog and check out Brandon LeBlanc’s post, Taking a Closer Look at the Origami Experience 2.0. That post is the intro to a 4 part series that Brandon is planning that covers web browsing, the interface to control your media, Origami Now, and Origami Picture Password. Matt, Rob and I got to check this out in Beta earlier this year. I won’t dare speak for Rob or Matt, but I came away particularly unimpressed. I’m well on record saying that I think that the UMPC form factor has seen its short day, and the fact that this application from Microsoft is still trying to find its way out the door only adds some fuel to that fire in my opinion.

That said, that’s my opinion and may not be yours, so if you’re interested, check out the post here.



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