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Origami Experience InkShow on an Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC



  While we were all standing around the Tablet PC meetup in Vegas, we got to see the new Origami Experience for Windows Vista.  We were also given a copy of the program to try out, and of course I had to ask if we could do an InkShow on it…  as you can see, the answer was Yes!!  This is a total overhaul of the Touch Pack that was installed on Windows XP UMPC’s.  The old Touch Pack was primarily just a launcher to start other programs.  The Origami Experience is much more of a program itself as you will see in the video – though it still has the launcher part in there as well.

In this InkShow, I run through some of the basic functionality to provide a general overview of what the new Origami Experience is all about.  I feel that this is going to be used much more on my device than the Touch Pack.  This version will only run on Windows Vista and from what I understand will be available for download for all of you that get an ‘upgrade’ in the mail.  Hats off to the Origami team for their work! 

UPDATE – I have an e-mail out to find out when the Origami Experience will be released for download – I will update the post again when I find out.

UPDATE 2 – Look for it on Jan 30th when Vista is released!

YouTube and High Res Version available

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