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Origami Team Now Moves To A Secret Project



Josh Bancroft of TinyScreenfuls links to news on the Origami Project blog from Dustin. Apparently the Origami/UMPC Team is moving in toto to a new secret project. Here’s a snippet of Dustin’s post:

On a completely seperate note, I wanted to formally announce that my entire team and I (with the exception of Jeremy) have been asked to move off of UMPC and go to work on a new secret project. The new Product Unit Manager (PUM) for UMPC at Microsoft will be Oscar Koenders. Moving forward you can expect to see some new faces from Microsoft blogging and responding to forum posts, but I’m sure Sears, Emily, myself and the rest of the team will still be checking in from time to time.

Very interesting.

Also of note in that post: A UMPC optimized version of Microsoft Reader will be available in February.

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