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OrigamiCar coming soon.



I couldn’t pass up posting about the Richard Morton’s OrigamiCar software project. I was just talking to my wife, Kathi, about how cool it would be to have a nice touch enabled media app in the car. We’ve tried the LS800 and other tablet pcs, but it requires the pen, which is too much to hassle with in the car, especially while driving. As of right now, I use our iPod, which works out really well. But being able to easily touch the music I want would be really cool.

We’ll be following this closely, Richard. Looking forward to seeing a final product. From Richard’s blog:

OrigamiCar is a touchscreen application specifically tailored for playing music on your Ultra Mobile PC and has been designed to be easy to use, even when driving.

For the last couple of years, I have had an old laptop in my car, connected to a 7 inch touchscreen and that essentially has been my car stereo.

For the software on the laptop, I looked at all the free and cheap car media player applications out there and there are a lot of good ones, but none of them quite felt right for me. Many of them were great to use while stationary, but trickier to use when driving. In particular, I found most of them were slow or difficult to use when scrolling/navigating around large media collections.

So, long story short – I wrote my own!



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