Connect with us giving away some stuff soon?



Looks like has some cool stuff planned – wonder what the cool giveaways will be?

We also will be running some promotions soon to keep the interest growing and give you a shot to win some free stuff, some very cool free stuff. Also we’ve got lots of blogs ready to go to help you out when the devices are availalbe. Sears will be doing a Touch Improvements blog soon and we’ll do a Pimp your UMPC soon too.  The team is standing by to help those of you that buy the devices and have questions about them and to get feedback on what needs to be improved most dramatically.  So keep reading, keep watching and soon you won’t be waiting any longer. Origami’s (um I mean UMPCs) will be out in the wild and many of you will be the first ones to enjoy them. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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