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Emily on the Microsoft Ultra-Mobile PC Origami team, has posted more on her travels with a UMPC over at, the team blog. If you remember, her last adventure was on a bus ride, but this one went a little further and ended up in Europe. I enjoy listening to her, but am still quite annoyed that I can’t do all this great stuff with one myself. I made the supreme sacrifice and let Rob get all the fun!

….”After successfully meeting my first challenge on the bus, I thought I would test the UMPC at the next level – on an international trip. This year I was fortunate enough to be asked to attend DevConnections Europe. I jumped at the opportunity because I would not only get to talk to customers and developers about UMPCs and tablets, but it would also give me a chance to take a device on the trip and really try out all of the great travel scenarios (oh, and it was in Europe!)”…..

Like the story says…, stay tuned, you never know where Emily may go next!

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