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OS X El Capitan Release Date Set for This Month



Apple announced a handful of new products during its iPhone 6s event today, but one thing it left out was any new information on the OS X El Capitan release date.

Apple quickly provided a release date for iOS 9, which will be available to the public on September 16, about a week before the iPhone 6s is released. However, OS X El Capitan was nowhere to be mentioned.

This could be because Apple didn’t focus on the Mac platform at all, while iOS obviously has a big part in the iPhone, but Apple doesn’t plan on having an October event to announce new iPads, since it already did that today, we’re not quite sure how Apple is planning to announce the OS X El Capitan release date, as it usually does so during its yearly iPad event that it may not even have this year.

However, during today’s Apple keynote, the company had a clever way of officially announcing the release date for OS X El Capitan. During the on-stage demo when the company showed off the iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch display, they showed a sample email on the big screen that showed the OS X El Capitan release date as being set for September 30, with “Apple Confidential and Super Secret” written below that as a fun little joke.


So while Apple didn’t necessarily make a huge deal out of the release date for the new OS X El Capitan, it looks like users will be able to get access to OS X El Capitan before this month is up, which is way earlier than past OS X releases have arrived. OS X Yosemite released last year in October, which is usually when Apple has been releasing its desktop operating system.

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OS X El Capitan will keep the same overall look and feel as OS X Yosemite, but will come with a few added features. Nothing big is in OS X El Capitan, but there are a bunch of small features that add up to a nice upgrade for Mac users.

Some of the new features in OS X El Capitan include a better Spotlight Search where you receive more information at your fingertips when you search for stuff, and there are also new swipe gestures that you can use across different stock apps, including the Mail app where you can swipe away email, as well as in Safari where you can swipe to pin tabs and hide them until you need them later on.

El Capitan

There’s also even a new split-screen feature that allows users to quickly and easily split windows into two different panes and multi-task in a way, similar to Windows’ Snap feature that’s been quite popular on Microsoft’s OS. Mac users have been able to do this for a while, but only with the help of third-party software that you can download for free.

There are also some other smaller features that aren’t entirely huge by any means, but many users will be excited about them. For starters, there’s a new feature that allows you to find your mouse cursor faster. By shaking your finger back and forth on the trackpad, the cursor will get bigger so that it’s easier to find.

Apple also focused on performance so that OS X El Capitan can perform faster on your Mac than Yosemite, providing up to 1.4x faster app launching and 2x faster app switching. Of course, we’ll have to test this out ourselves to see if the new OS X version lives up to its claims.

Luckily, Mac machines that can run OS X Yosemite are able to run OS X El Capitan, which is something that doesn’t happen quite often, as a new version of software will only support newer devices, leaving older devices behind.

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