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OS X to Unify Caller ID for iMessage, Facetime



A new update that’s planned for Apple’s desktop OS X platform for Macs is now being seeded to developers in beta mode ahead of the September 12th iPhone 5 media event. Though the update will bring a number of important bug fixes for Apple’s desktop hardware, an important feature for iOS users is that it will begin to unify caller ID for iMessage and Facetime services for OS X.

Currently, if users have an iPhone, they can either display their caller ID when using either service as their phone number, their Apple ID email address, or add another email address for use as their caller ID. On non-phone platforms, users are limited to just their Apple ID email or an associated email address and cannot link in their phone numbers.


By allowing non-phone platforms–like Apple’s OS X for Mac–to tie in their mobile phone number, it would create a more seamless way to message. Now, when other people attempt to Facetime or send an iMessage to users’ phone numbers, they can now choose where to pick up and respond. Additionally, if you initiate a Facetime or iMessage conversation from your OS X machine, you will also have the option to set your caller ID as your mobile number.

According to The Verge“Now, if someone calls your phone number for Facetime, you’ll be able to answer on your Mac or iPad. The same goes for Messages — if you get an iMessage on your phone, it’ll be delivered to your Mac and other iOS devices, even if the sender sent the message to your cell phone number and not your Apple ID email.”

Other changes for the OS X update include single sign on for Facebook to share links and photos, Game Center improvements, and Power Nap support for MacBook Air were reported by MacRumors.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Justin

    09/22/2012 at 2:02 pm

    Its not working. I could have sworn it worked yesterday on my iMac running Mountain Lion but today it is not. I can only send/receive iMessages via Apple ID on non-phone devices. Frustrating. Or i’m missing something. I updated software to current on ALL devices. HELP!

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