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Otterbox Announces Defender Series With iON Intelligence



At CES, Otterbox announced its first iPhone case with a built-in battery, the Defender Series with iON Intelligence.

The new Otterbox Defender Series with iON Intelligence offers the protection of Otterbox’s Defender series with an integrated battery to help extend the charge of the iPhone while on the go. Unlike most iPhone battery cases, like the Mophie, the new Defender Series doesn’t have an on/off switch.

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Instead of making the user turn the case on to charge the phone, the Defender Series with iON Intelligence intelligently draws power from the battery as the battery in the iPhone drains. That way, the battery in the case drains before the iPhone drops below 100 percent.

The battery inside the Defender Series with iON Intelligence is 1450 mAh, so it isn’t the same size as the iPhone battery, but it is enough to offer a significant amount of extra charge. For many users the extra battery is enough to last the entire day.


The Otterbox ION is a Defender Series with a battery.

The Defender Series with iON Intelligence also comes with a free iPhone app that tell users how much battery life is left in both the battery case and the iPhone. The app will also tell users when their iPhone will run out of battery. The case has 10 LED lights below the home button on the front side to indicated how much life is left in the external battery.

Otterbox expects to have to Defender Series with iON Intelligence ready for release in the coming months. The case will come out for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S first, with other devices to follow sometime after that. There’s no word on when an iPhone 5 version will come out, likely because the company needs permission to use the Lightning port on the current iPhone.

The company also hinted that it could being the Defender Series with iON Intelligence to other devices in the future, which could mean Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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