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OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 Case Review: Waterproof, Rugged and Amazing



The OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case is waterproof iPhone 5 case that can withstand a 10 foot drop to concrete, hand being crushed and keep dust and snow off the iPhone.

OtterBox is well-known for the Defender Series, but the new Armor OtterBox iPhone 5 case ups the game dramatically to deliver features found on the LifeProof iPhone 5 cases and offer more protection than the standard OtterBox case.

All of this comes at a price that is about $30 higher than the Defender Series case, but if you are an active user that needs the added protection, the OtterBox Armor is the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s case for you. The OtterBox Armor doesn’t work with Touch ID, but other than that it is compatible with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5.

OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case is waterproof and rugged.

OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case is waterproof and rugged.

Two metal clasps lock the iPhone 5 inside the OtterBox Armor case and a rigid frame is lined with a shock absorbing material to protect the iPhone. While using the OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case we took the iPhone swimming, tossed it onto a concrete floor from waist-high and in one moment of suspense dropped heavy textbook on the iPhone 5 inside this case.

During this abuse, the iPhone 5 survived without a scratch. I stopped short of running over it with a car as OtterBox did in the promotional video when the company announced the case at CES earlier this year. The video below shows the OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case in use in the pool.

While the iPhone 5 is inside the OtterBox Armor users can still listen to music and make phone calls. Unlike many waterproof cases, the audio quality is not noticeably impaired by this case. Many cases will rattle or distort music and voices, but the materials used here avoid this problem. This means you can leave the iPhone 5 in the Armor case all the time, increasing the chances it will be on when you need protection.

OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case includes a built-in screen protector.

OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case includes a built-in screen protector.

The headphone and charging port are accessible by pulling back rubber flaps at the bottom of the device. While charging or using headphones the case will not remain waterproof. The openings are large enough for a the standard Apple charging cable and for many headphones. Rubber covers the volume and power buttons and the mute switch is a toggle that is easy to turn on and off.

The OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case is one of the best waterproof and rugged case options available on the market because it doesn’t limit the usefulness of the iPhone.

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OtterBox is now selling a cheaper waterproof case called the OtterBox Preserver, which supports Touch ID, but is not as rugged as the Armor. For users who need the ultimate in iPhone protection and don’t mind the added thickness, the OtterBox Armor is the case to get.

The OtterBox Armor iPhone 5 case is $99 from OtterBox and available at select retail locations.



  1. IOU812

    10/20/2013 at 7:16 pm

    99 bucks way to much, get a zip lock bad instead lol lol only 5 cents LOL LOL

  2. Michael

    10/25/2013 at 7:21 am

    great case for iphone 5

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