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OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series Case Review



The OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series case is a rugged iPhone 5 case that protects without adding significant bulk to the iPhone.

The OtterBox Commuter iPhone 5 case is a slimmed down version of the OtterBox iPhone 5 Defender case. The Commuter iPhone 5 case shaves 2mm off the thickness of the Defender Series case which may not sound like much, but it is very noticeable in day-to-day use.

Users that don’t work in construction, as first responders or who are often outdoors, may not need all the protection of the OtterBox Defender Series.

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For users that want great protection in a smaller package, the OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series case is a better fit.

Otterbox iPhone 5 case Commuter review - 7

OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series case.

OtterBox designed the Commuter Series iPhone 5 case with a silicone inner layer that wraps the iPhone 5 and covers the headphone and Lightning connection to prevent dust or dampness from getting in. While the case is not waterproof, this protects the ports from damage while working out or using the iPad in high humidity areas. There is nothing covering the speaker or microphone openings.

The outer polycarbonate layer provides added protection on areas where the iPhone 5 will most likely impact if dropped. This hard shell protects the edges of the case and especially the corners. There is a significant lip on the case to protect the display when dropped.

There is no built-in screen protector or hard belt clip to cover the screen, but OtterBox includes an easy to apply screen protector with the case.

Otterbox iPhone 5 case Commuter review - 6

A silicone inner layer and hard shell outer layer offer protection from drops.

The case leaves the face of the iPhone 5 open more than the Defender Series case, and the edges remain slanted to push the user’s thumbs towards the screen while typing.

The mute switch is not covered, offering faster access to quick volume settings. Rubber covers the volume and power buttons, offering a raised target that is easy to press without looking.

Otterbox iPhone 5 case Commuter review - 3

The OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series case includes an Apple logo opening.

The rear of the case includes a large camera opening for the flash, iPhone 5 camera and rear facing microphone, as well as a circular opening for the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 5.

The OtterBox iPhone Commuter Series case is available direct from OtterBox, as well as Best Buy, Radio Shack and at most carrier stores for $34.95. This OtterBox iPhone 5 case is $15 cheaper than the Defender Series, and a better fit for users looking for protection for everyday use.



  1. Vannessa Morga

    11/06/2012 at 5:26 pm

    Nice , I like those. more swanky case everything from simple to super protective case –aldo can be in kids’ hand

  2. Cathy

    11/12/2012 at 11:50 pm

    Does the case create a shadow when you take photos?

  3. Irsula

    12/12/2012 at 1:46 pm

    No shadow created! I love my commuter case but I would not recommend the “avon pink” colour. While it is beautiful, the white part is impossible to clean.

  4. Novastar Shapeways

    01/16/2013 at 3:59 am

    I really like the wooden phone cases this shop is selling. I like the combination of tech and natural material. And they have nicer designs

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