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Otterbox iPhone 5S Cases Now Available



Those who are looking to buy the iPhone 5S on September 20th can now pair their future device with a case as Otterbox iPhone 5S cases are now on sale ahead of the new iPhone’s release date.

Otterbox is known for its rugged case designs and today, the company has released its cases for the iPhone 5S, a stable that includes the Defender Series, the Commuter Series, the Reflex Series and the Prefix Series. All of them are currently available to those that are looking into protecting the iPhone 5S’ anodized aluminum design.

These cases are far more rugged than a typical iPhone case but many iPhone users religiously use Otterbox’s cases to protect their iPhone from sudden drops, water and dust.

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Otterbox iPhone 5S cases are now available.

Otterbox iPhone 5S cases are now available.

The company offers a wide range of price points for its iPhone 5S cases. Otterbox’s well known Defender Series, which offers the most protection and comes with a belt clip, will cost iPhone 5S users between $50 and $60, or, a little less than a third of the cost of the $200 iPhone 5S 16GB.

It also offers some other, more affordable cases including the Commuter Series which checks in between $35 and $40, the Reflex Series which costs $35, and the Prefix series which is Otterbox’s cheapest case and costs $25. All of them offer varying degrees of protection with the Defender Series, again, offering the most protection for iPhone 5S owners.

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Otterbox has released its new cases ahead of the iPhone 5S release date which will land on September 20th. Apple’s iPhone 5S will bring a new design along with it as it features a new home button with a fingerprint reader embedded into it for added security.

As we’ve pointed out, some iPhone 5 cases won’t work with the iPhone 5S and Otterbox itself was forced to redesign its cases for the iPhone 5S due to the fingerprint reader. The new OtterBox iPhone 5s cases no longer uses a rubber cover over the iPhone home button. Instead there is still a built-in screen protector that should work with Apple’s new iPhone.

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