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Outlook and OneNote 2007 – better together



Chris Pratley has offered a good look at how OneNote 2007 and Outlook (2003 and 2007) work so much better together now.

While beta testing, I used a few of the new features – tieing a OneNote note directly with an appointment, etc and they worked really well. I’m not one for spreading my task list too far, choosing to integratre them with MindManager at the moment, but the integration between Outlook and OneNote 2007 is really, really good. BTW: If you have not downloaded the OneNote 2007 beta, do so today. It is pretty solid. Outlook 2007 – still pretty buggy on my end, but hey, that is why they call it a beta. They need help identifying stuff.

From Chris Pratley’s blog:

From the beginning of OneNote we’ve had a lot of requests to deepen our integration with Outlook. In 2003 we had several connection points: you could email notes directly from OneNote if you had Outlook 2003, and you could create tasks from OneNote items. With SP1 of OneNote 2003 we added more Outlook integration features, such as “Insert Meeting Details”, and the ability to create Outlook Appointments and Contacts.

When we did 2007 planning, it was clear from our user surveys that anything we could do to integrate better with Outlook would be most welcome. So here it is, my long-awaited post on all the great things OneNote can do with Outlook (and some additional goodies at the end).

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