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Outlook input needed from the Tablet PC community for Microsoft



OutlookWe met with Microsoft’s Outlook Program Manager last night. They are in the planning stages for Outlook 14 and 15, and have requested some specific information from the tablet pc community in regards to Outlook and tablet pc / ultra-mobile pc usage.

What they are looking for is how you currently use Outlook with your Tablet PC / UMPC. Describe your work scenarios when in convertible and slate mode. When operating in slate mode, how are you currently using your pen to interact with Outlook.

They are not asking for input right now on how you would improve Outlook from an ink perspective, so please keep this mind. Please post your responses in this forum thread

The Outlook Program Manager and others on the team will be monitoring this thread for input. Please help spread the word on this and lets get as many use cases and scenarios for the Outlook team as possible, so they can understand how a tablet user currently uses Outlook. Your input can can help impact the future of Outlook.

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