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Overwatch Release Date: 6 Great Overwatch Gameplay Videos



Video game developer Blizzard is only hours away from launching its first all-new piece of intellectual property in years. Accordingly, Overwatch gameplay videos are a precious commodity.

In Overwatch, you choose a Hero straight from the game’s story. Having been the protectors of Earth for years, the Overwatch organization is under siege from some shadowy force. Overwatch blends first-person shooting mechanics with skill and team-based combat. That’s a long way of saying that the game’s primary focus is on piecing together a well-rounded team of six players with a good mix of abilities. First-person shooters typically have powers and teams, but aren’t usually based around doing things together as a team.


That Blizzard is bringing Overwatch to Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS4 video game consoles is just as big a deal as the unorthodox approach to gameplay and the unique story. Millions of gamers have the chance to enjoy the Overwatch release tonight along with gamers on Windows PCs.

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If you’ve decided to purchase Overwatch already, good luck with tonight’s big launch. If you’ve yet to make a decision, here are 5 great Overwatch gameplay videos to help you get a better idea of what the game is and what you can expect.

Competitive Overwatch Gameplay

Attracting and building a player base starts with offering something great for them to do. The key to Overwatch attracting players is its Competitive Mode.

This Overwatch gameplay video shows how Competitive Mode in the game works, including ranking, combat and matchmaking. Rather than choose your hero before the matchmaking, Overwatch finds players, then lets you and your team choose characters. Team Tips point out when your team is unbalanced. This gives you time to adjust your strategy or be aware of any deficiencies your squad has before the match begins.

Player vs AI Overwatch Gameplay

You can’t play Overwatch without an internet connection. That being said, you’re not restricted to only playing matches with other people. The Player vs. AI mode gives gamers the opportunity to improve their performance outside of online matchmaking. This Overwatch gameplay video gives you a feel for how the Player Vs AI works and the different options that are available.

Overwatch Player vs AI matches aren’t likely to be as unpredictable as team-based battle matches, but they’re a good option for players that aren’t into social gaming all day.

Overwatch Gameplay at Maximum Settings

Like it or not, graphics are important. Everyone wants their new game to look the best any game has ever looked. Lighting, textures and resolution do a lot for gameplay and immersion. Without great graphics, you don’t really have a great game.

This Overwatch gameplay video shows off what the title looks like with maximum settings. According to IGN, in this video Overwatch is running at a full 60 frames per second. If you’re looking for a PC game that runs smoothly and looks decent – in addition to having gameplay that you’ll want to invest hours in – Overwatch might meet your criteria. Console versions won’t look quite this good, but still great.

Winston Overwatch Gameplay

Heroes are the glue holding Overwatch together. The entire game is based around these characters, from how well they balance each other out, to their unique contributions to a team. This Overwatch gameplay video breaks down one of the more iconic Overwatch heroes, Winston.

Start with learning about Winston, then seek out other Overwatch gameplay videos that breakdown each Hero, like this one. The more information you know about the Heroes, the easier it’ll be to use them when the time is right. Remember that Overwatch is all about roles on a team. For example, Winston is a Tank. Thus he won’t be as good for someone who likes to quickly dish out damage. Other roles include offense, defense and support. Know where each character fits into these roles for the best experience.

Overwatch Hero Customization

Overwatch adds a level of character customization to the team-based battle equation too. These options give you want you need to tailor a favorite Hero a bit more to your attitude. You can change a character’s intro, skin and voice over if you want. Everyone gets a Widowmaker character skin when they pre-order. Don’t forget to put it to good use.

Overwatch’s Amazing Maps

With the game set on a futuristic Earth, Blizzard decide to integrate real-world locations into the game. These maps are beautiful and diverse. The Overwatch gameplay video gives you a good idea of what you can expect from a map design perspective. For the best advantage, don’t forget to study the game’s line-up of maps.

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Overwatch launches tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs. All of the game’s servers go live at exactly the same time. This means that players in the United States can expect their games to start working today, May 23rd, as opposed to early tomorrow morning.

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