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Overwhelming Majority of Business Travelers Choose Smartphone Over Clean Underwear



A recent survey reveals that nearly two-thirds of business travelers prefer their smartphone over clean underwear. 64 percent of 550 adult travelers who take 6 or more business trips per year said that they would choose their smartphone over a clean change of underwear.

However, not all is bad as the survey did reveal recent changes in technology that make us all more productive. Thanks to Internet connectivity at hotels and advances in smartphone technology, half of all road warriors feel that it is now easier to be more productive while on a business trip. Also, 69 percent of respondents say that they travel about the same amount for business today, or slightly more, despite advances in mobile communications technology, suggesting that face-to-face, in-person meetings are still relevant and important despite the growth behind email, chat, social networking, and video conferencing technology, all of which could easily be accessible on a smartphone.

As part of the survey, Hyatt Place hotel is running a content on its Facebook page where users can win technology swag and stay at the hotel.

Via: Mobileburn

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