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P1610 / LOOX Tablet PC First Looks InkShow



When you go to a Mobile PC / Tablet PC conference, you never know what the folks from Microsoft will bring with them. Fortunately for you and me, they had the Japanese version of the Fujitsu P1610, the LOOX, on hand and let me borrow it for several hours.

Although not a complete video review, I take everyone through a quick “first looks” video review of the P1610 / LOOX Tablet PC running Vista and show you why this device is so much better than the P1510 – and why I’ll end up buying one. Dennis Rice will be doing a more thorough InkShow on the P1610 in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully this video will provide you enough information to whet your appetite.

It is a bit hard to see my handwriting on this InkShow, but the most important thing to get from that feature is that even though the P1610 does have a touch screen, I did not experience any vectoring issues at all – a first for me. I’ve experimented with many touch based Ultra-Mobile PCs and Tablet PCs, and every one of them have given me vectoring problems when handwriting – all except the P1610 / LOOX.

Fujitsu just launch the product page at for the P1610, so you can head over there to check it out. In addition, has it available for ordering, as does many other online retailers.


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