Pad & Quill Fire Keeper: A Beautiful Kindle Fire Case
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Pad & Quill Fire Keeper: A Beautiful Kindle Fire Case



If you have a Kindle Fire, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at the beautiful Kindle Fire Keeper, a case from Pad & Quill.

Pad & Quill cases protect your iPad, eBook reader,  computer or iPhone with a touch of class giving users a classic book-like experience even though they’re holding a very modern electronic device. Their extremely high quality comes at a price, but you have to pay for nice things.

I tested a pair of Pad & Quill cases including the Octavo for the Apple iPad 2 and the Fire Keeper for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The Fire Keeper case for the Kindle Fire is the nicest case I’ve used, for any device. It looks great, feels great and does everything it promises, which is why we gave it a GottaBeMobile Editors’ Choice Award.

Video Review

The following video review covers both the Octavo for iPad 2 and the Fire Keeper.

Design and Build Quality

Fire Keeper Portrait

The Fire Keeper protects your Kindle Fire with a very book-like experience. Pad & Quill accented the onyx black Italian bonded leather on the outside with an interior lining that comes in one of five attractive colors. You can add an inside pocket for keeping a few papers along with your Kindle Fire. Lining colors include Camden Blue, Cranberry Red, Paprika, Hickory and Field Green.

Fire Keeper Open

The frame of the case hugs your Kindle Fire with layers of Baltic Birch carved to fit the Fire nicely. At each corner you find inserts that press in on the corners of the Fire to keep it in place. You don’t have to worry about it falling out. If for some reason yours wiggles in the case, Pad & Quill provides a ziplock bag with more inserts to add to the tension. I didn’t have use them. In fact, the fit was possibly too tight.

The ten-inch iPad with a case that adds this much bulk feels huge. Because the Kindle Fire measures only seven inches, you don’t feel like you’re carrying a huge book. Instead it feels like a perfect-sized high quality journal.

Fire Keeper's Button Cutout

The Fire’s charging micro-USB port and on/off switch are accessible thanks to a cutout on the bottom of the case. An elastic band attaches to the back of the case and holds the lid in place. The binding seemed sturdy.

The whole case feels like it will last a long time even under extreme punishment from someone who uses their Kindle Fire all day long.

A Pleasant Surprise

Fire Keeper Inside

At $59.99, I didn’t believe this case would be worth the cost. How can you justify spending just under a third of the cost of the Kindle Fire for a case, especially when you can buy one for as little as $20?

Fire Keeper Elastic Band

I was wrong! Even though I was given this case as a review unit, I’d be happy to pay full price. Aside from giving me an elegant protective case, it also keeps my Kindle Fire a bit inconspicuous to would-be thieves. It truly looks like a fine journal instead of an electric device. I love the feeling of holding an expensive book while reading with my Fire.

The iPad doesn’t scream for a book-like experience. It’s just a little too big. The smaller Kindle Fire does and this case does a better job of restoring that book-like reading experience than any case I’ve seen.


My recommendation? Order yours today. I really love the Fire Keeper. You can get cases for other Kindles and Nooks for $39.99 to $49.99. Both cases are look elegant and are beautifully made.

I can recommend the Fire Keeper without any hesitation. If you can afford it, you will love it.

It earns a coveted GottaBeMobile Editors; Choice Award. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best case of any kind I’ve ever used because of the awesome build quality, the elegant looks and the excellent protection.



  1. Tomes2789

    01/26/2012 at 12:08 pm

    Sorry dude, but the DODOcase for the ipad/kindle families is a MUCH MUCH better version of the Pad & Quill brand’s cases for the exact same price. I would highly recommend you check it out before recommending the inferior copy that you currently stand behind.

  2. Guest

    03/19/2012 at 4:33 pm

    I’m not sure if you haven’t owned both (which I have) but P&Q is so much better than DODO it’s not even fair to compare them.

  3. birjushukla

    04/11/2013 at 3:12 am

    Amazing designer kindle fire cases are available here

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