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Palm Pre Reviewed




The guys over at the Boy Genius Report got their hands on a Palm Pre and posted a full review. The review is mixed an ex-Palm fan, I’m a bit disappointed. The keyboard didn’t impress the reviewers and the Pre wiped itself clean in the midst of a photo shoot.

Once the initial Pre launch is over and done with and all the hype, smoke and mirrors are clear though, we can see Palm being pretty successful moving forward. Hell, Palm has converted tons of people into raging Pre fanboys before they could even see the phone in person! Very Apple-esque. More carriers will get the Pre, more handsets will be released and WebOS could very well keep things interesting even if the hardware is lacking.

Head over to BGR for a couple thousand words of insight.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. oneAwake

    05/30/2009 at 4:47 pm

    I am curious, did you bother to read the comments posted by BGR in the comments section in their pre-view article? They admitted the Pre they had was NOT sent by Sprint or Palm, they also admitted it was not a final retail model, hence the reason many features did not work, in fact, the device was not active on the network. BGR initially tried to pass that “PREVIEW” version off as the final product. They did not fool anyone. You need to put up a disclaimer mentioning that, “the Pre BGR had was not final production”. A couple of facts, the Pre BGR had has a different keyboard than the final version, the Pre’s keyboard is more spacious than the Treo Pro, on June 6th there will be a major software update pushed out to the Pre. I like your site, you shouldn’t risk your credibility by linking to BGR.

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