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Palm Says So Long, Farewell to the Foleo



Well that didn’t take long. According to The Official Palm Blog, Palm has just decided not to pursue the Foleo in order to focus on delivering their next software platform.

In the course of the past several months, it has become clear that the right path for Palm is to offer a single, consistent user experience around this new platform design and a single focus for our platform development efforts. To that end, and after careful deliberation, I have decided to cancel the Foleo mobile companion product in its current configuration and focus all of our energies on delivering out next generation platform and the first smartphones that will bring this platform to market. We will, of course, continue to develop products in partnership with Microsoft on the Windows Mobile platform, but from our internal platform development perspective, we will focus on only one

Given the lackluster reaction to the announcement from just about all quarters, I can’t say I’m surprised.

via Endgaget

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