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Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator 360



The Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator 360 combines a lot tech into a solution that can save lives or help put bad guys away.

This in-car digital video system can capture everything that’s going on around a police car and allow officers to view it all on their Toughbooks. Officers can control the Arbitrator 360 cameras and recordings by tapping on the screen. Video from the system can be streamed back to dispatchers so they can accurately describe the situation to other officers responding to a call.

I have a special interest in police tech because my brother is a drug task force officer and I’ve seen how tech can have such a positive impact on his work.
Toughbook Arbitrator 360° Select Features and Specifications

* Camera
o 68.4 degree wide-angle lens
o 22x Optical Zoom (220x with Digital)
o Low light (0.7 Lux color, 0.04 Lux B/W)
o Back light compensation
* Video and Audio Recorder (VPU)
o Support for six different cameras, with five simultaneous recordings
o Up to 90 seconds pre- and post-record (with option to disable audio)
o Resolution (320 x 240) QVGA or (720 x 480) D1
o Frame rate at 30, 10 or 1 fps
o GPS module standard
o Up to four high capacity SD card slots (SDHC), 32 GB per card
o Control panel key lock tamper-resistant for evidentiary integrity
o Up to 16 configurable action-based triggers to start recording (including radar, siren, lightbar, shotgun rack, impact and speed)
* Digital wireless microphone
o 1,000-foot line-of-sight range
o 90 channels
o 2.4 GHz system
o Channel space 1.2 MHz
o 13 hours talking time
o 16 million security code combination
o Beep/vibration mode
o Leather pouch included

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