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Pantech Perception Coming to Verizon



The Pantech Perception, a new mid-range smartphone for Verizon users, will include a new Motion Sense technology designed to make using a smartphone and doing everyday tasks as effortless as possible.

Announced via press release, the Pantech Perception will ship for $99.99 after a mail-in rebate and a two-year service agreement starting April 25th. The device’s aforementioned Motion Sense technology will allow users to change songs in a playlist, answer phone calls, browse contacts, and flip through pictures by waving their hand instead of using the Perception’s touch screen.

The new Pantech Perception.

The new Pantech Perception.

This could be a big help to users who typically perform other tasks like working at their desk while listening to music. Depending on how well the technology works, it could also be a great way for users who are driving but definitely want to change to that next song, or answer an important phone call without taking their hands off the wheel.

Inside, the Pantech Perception will pack a 4.8 inch high-definition Super AMOLED screen, and 16GB of onboard storage. Cameras include a rear-facing 8 Megapixel camera for photography and a font-facing 2 megapixel camera for video messaging and self-portraits. Users of the Pantech Perception also get access to Verizon’s 4G LTE data network.

In addition the software that used to power the device’s Motion Sense technology, the Perception will also ship with Camnote, an application designed to be a visual note assistant. Verizon does note that though the device will ship with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, but there are plans to upgrade it to the latest version, Jelly Bean at some point in the near future.

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Though it doesn’t offer motion controls in the depth that the Pantech Perception does, Verizon also offers the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the same $99 price point with a two-year service agreement but without a mail-in rebate. It ships with Android 4.1 already installed and includes, a 4.8 inch display with, 16GB of storage, a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. This isn’t to say that it’s certainly a better deal, but users considering a smartphone at that price point would do well to looking into the Galaxy S3’s unique software features as well including S-Beam for data sharing, and S-Voice for controlling the device hands-free.

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