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Papyrus Concept: Textbook of the Future?



Papyrus Concept Ah, concepts. What’s not to love? You can create anything, unconstrained by manufacturing requirements, profit margins, or reality. This e-book concept from Greener Grass has a serious case of great specs and wishful thinking. The designers claim that the device ought to sell for about $100 due to a textbook manufacturer subsidy(?!). For that price, we’re going to get some form of touch screen or digitizer with handwriting recognition, wireless Internet connectivity, and a 30 hour battery life due to an E-Ink display, apparently in full color. Riiiigghtt.

Apparently the designers aren’t completely deluded, since they say that they “hope that the concept can be a catalyst for discussion about improving the classroom experience for everybody involved.” No mention of this being anything other than a really nice idea with pretty pictures, but if they can do all that for $100, sign me up for a few.

via Engadget

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