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Patent Hell Ends Hypermac’s Mac Battery Life



Everyone says the US Patent system is broken, and from all accounts it sure looks to be something different than it was intended to be. Shakespeare would say, “first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” in the case of patents and how they affect innovation and business decisions, I’m sure some Mac users are probably ready to pick up the pitchforks and head to the barricades.

Hypermac sells extended battery solutions for Apple products and there are many who swear by them, especially given Apple’s design decisions to include non-removable batteries in many of its devices. Well, thanks to Apple’s filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Sanho over its MagSafe power connector, Hypermac is announcing that they will cease selling the cables to connect up your gear on November 2. Read their statement below. Curiously they’ll still sell the batteries, just not the connectors. So, why would you buy one of those batteries if you can’t connect it up? I’m guessing Hypermac is counting on a run on the connectors.

Lawyers win, consumers lose.

Via Engadget

Dear Valued Customers,

As part of our ongoing comprehensive licensing negotiations with Apple regarding a wide array of technologies and issues, we have decided to cease the sale of the MacBook charging cables and car charger on November 2, 2010.

While we will continue to sell the same batteries together with the rest of our product line after November 2nd, they will not be able to charge MacBooks without the cables.

If you wish to get the world’s ONLY external battery and car charger solution that works with ALL MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (supports dual voltage) as well as the iPad, iPhone 3/3GS/4, iPod and all other USB devices, NOW is the time.

On November 2, 2010 00:00 U.S. Pacific Time, they will gone for good.

As we have very limited stocks, do order early to avoid disappointment. We will continue to sell until November 2nd and while stocks last.

We wish thank the many customers who have already gotten the HyperMac External MacBook Battery and those of you that gave us wonderful reviews



  1. James

    10/18/2010 at 1:32 pm

    Warner – Why blame the lawyers? Apple owns the patent, not the lawyers. Apple is the mega company which controls the patents and wants to make every dollar in the computer business with no room for anyone else. The lawyers are simply the instrument used by the greedy mega company to squash the little guys. Blame the company whose products you use and write about constantly. Sell your Ipad and MacBook if you don’t like their corporate behavior. Rail against patent trolls and megalomania. You could just as easily say “first lets kill all the Apple fanboys who enable Apple to act like this”.

    • aftermath

      10/18/2010 at 2:16 pm

      Agreed. I’m not that fond of “jaywalking laws”. However, I do understand them (a clever young woman killed her baby in my county last week by jaywalking with a stroller). I could manage without such laws, but I can manage with them as long as there’s an underlying spirit of fairness in tact (i.e. other options). With respect to jaywalking, there is. When I’m given the legal right of way, others have the responsibility to respect me (even though they tend to be morons who don’t want to respect me). That’s good enough for me, and I reciprocate the respect by not jaywalking, especially in situations where I would otherwise perceive it as “not a big deal”. I don’t express my displeasure with jaywalking laws by leaping out in front of cars or taking a nap in the middle of the road That’s dumb (and kills babies, apparently).

      “Lawyers win, consumers lose.”

      That’s real dumb. Apple is doing consumers a FAVOR by making it very clear that they hate their users and even the companies that seek to cooperate with them in the marketplace, like Adobe. Many of us have already figured that out and moved on from a company that has shown itself to be untrustworthy to even its most loyal.

      As a consumer, you don’t lose. You win. You have better information which can lead to making better decisions, assuming that you’re a rational agent in the economic sense (which hardly anybody is anymore). You say “consumers” lose as if Apple is a one-way road in a one-road town. It’s not. You have choices. People who choose Apple lose, just like people who jaywalk get hit by cars. Surprised? Shame on you, but why condemn the rest of us? There are lots of great choices out there when it comes to computing and technology. Apple tends not to be one, even if you’ve recently brought more of their equipment into your life. If you don’t like the patents, then don’t play. Chose freedom and responsibility. Otherwise, don’t whine. Yup, the patent system is broken, by why anybody who knows and cares would continue to get in bed with its worst offenders, companies like Apple and Google, is beyond me. It represent a situation that once again proves that I am an absolute idiot. I simply don’t have the intellectual sophistication to make a life in that warped world make sense.

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