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Paul Thurrott’s Take On the UMPC/Origami Experience



Paul Thurrott has published a review about his experiences with UMPCs and the Origami Experience. For those who follow that scene here at GottaBeMobile and elsewhere I don’t think you’ll find anything new in his review or with his conclusions and it sounds like he gave it a fair shot. His “real world” summary lines up with what many users are reporting when they attempt to run Vista on a UMPC, simply put that poor performance is a drag on trying to get much done. A couple of quotes that I’m sure will ring true for some:

If your needs are far less demanding than mine, the UMPC may earn a place in your carry-on. But I don’t recommend using it as your only PC regardless. This is more of a PC companion than a true PC, despite the underlying operating system and its capabilities. It doesn’t matter if the device is compatible with something if it’s not fast enough to run it effectively. This may just be the slowest computer I’ve ever used.

If you value portability above all else and fit the usage model, a UMPC could be a decent traveling companion, assuming you understand the limitations up front. Personally, I’m waiting for the next generation.

Companion device? That’s been my take for a long time on these devices.

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