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PC Mag Calls Tablet PC 1 of 21 Great Technology Failures



Interesting piece from PC Magazine listing 21 “Great Technology Failures” – 10 from Microsoft, 11 from Apple. They classify each of the failures as great technology, but way ahead of its time. It is not surprising, then, to see PC Mag lump Tablet PC in to the mix:

Rather than typing on a PC, why not write on it as though it were a pad of paper? And have the CPU interpret your chicken scratch, sort your notes, and generally work in a much smarter way? Based on sales, it seems the world still isn’t ready for the Tablet PC. Nevertheless, Gates is convinced you’ll eventually love this system.

It is interesting that PC Mag also lumps .Net as one of the failures, too. I don’t understand that choice at all. .Net is one of the most popular platforms to program in and is hugely popular.

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