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PC Magazine Reviews Tablet PCs



PcmagWell whadda ya know. PC Magazine has published a favorable review of three Tablet PCs. They take a look at the Toshiba M400, The Fujitsu Lifebook T4210, and the Gateway M285–E. The M400 review model contains Verizon’s EVDO and gets a nice nod for that fact. A couple of interesting statements in the review caught my eye. First:

The Toshiba Portégé M400-S4032 ‘s pen actually ejects automatically from a slot near the screen when the screen is flipped into a tablet—very Bond like

I’m not aware of this “automatic” behavior and if it does occur I can see that has being cool but problematic. Any M400 owners want to comment on this? And then there’s this:

With screens that flip into a notepad-like surface where you can write notes, scribble and draw, Tablet PCs combine the functionality of a good old pen and paper with the features of a traditional laptop—so you can write, literally, into any program.

Well technically you can use the TIP to do just that but the statement might be a bit leading without the proper context for prospective Tablet owners. There is no mention of the TIP in the review. In fact in the Toshiba M400 write up, the review states that Office 2003 allows you to use inking but that “you can download 3rd party-tools to write on top of other formats.” Curious.

The review also contains a comparison chart that adds the Lenovo X41 Thinkpad and another model of the M400 that does give a nice overview of the feature sets. Interestingly enough PC Mag gives the Lenovo the nod here.


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