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PC Magazine Webcast on Tablet PCs and UMPCs Next Week



At 12 noon on May 29 PC Magazine is going to host a webcast on Tablet PCs and Mobile Devices. Here is some of the info:

Let PCMagCast explain the best next-generation portable computing solutions for you, with our 60-minute, interactive overview of new, easy-to-tote devices and the best applications for them. We’ll teach you how to stay connected, and do so with minimal hassle.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The unique business and personal needs that Tablet and UMPC systems serve
  • Display and handwriting-centric advantages in next-generation hardware
  • Cost advantages for Tablets, UMPCs and other new, easily toted gadgets
  • Beating on-the-go battery life challenges with next-gen hardware
  • Note taking, handwriting recognition and other emerging mobile applications
  • How to buy the best next-generation portable hardware for your business

If it sounds intriguing you’ll need to register to attend or have access to the on demand version when it becomes available. Here’s the link.

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