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PC Mike Wendland Takes Another Tablet PC Plunge



MikesurfMike Wendland who reports on technology for NBC and The Detroit Free Press has taken another Tablet PC plunge. He’s always been impressed by Tablet PCs, but he’s been noticing some of the new features on some of the newer models and decided to splurge on a Fujitsu 4210 Tablet PC. He’s still got some reservations that are no different than anyone else’s, but he’s giving it a go.

I just used it at the morning planning meeting here at the Free Press and like the fact that my notes are stored on my hard drive and can be recalled with just a couple of taps. I need to run this through the paces for a few days. I plan to spend the next week taking no real pen and paper notes as much as possible and doing it all with digital notes on the tablet. I’ll let you know how this all works out.

He is also looking for a ““hot key standby battery-saving mode” to help with battery life. Hey, Mike. Check out the solutions in this post. Here’s the link to PC Mike’s full post.

Shhhh! Keep it quiet. We don’t want his wife to know he bought another Tablet PC.

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