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PDF Converter for iPad Gives You Control Over Your Documents [Review]



PDF Converter is an iPad app from Readdle, the developer of some great apps like Calendars and ReaddelDocs. PDF Converter converts documents, web pages, pictures and other things to a PDF file that is suitable for sharing or backing up for later use. The app is simple to use and, while it is not a cheap app at $6,99, it is worth it if you find yourself sharing a lot of documents in PDF format.

How It Works

When you have a document in an app that supports the iOS ‘Open In…’ feature, you can use PDF Converter to convert the document. In fact you don’t open the app itself to start a conversion in many cases. Below you will see that I have a document loaded into the DropBox document viewer.

PDF Converter

I selected the ‘Open In…’ button and that revealed the list of supported apps for that kind of document, including PDF Converter. PDF Converter opens the document and saves it as a PDF ready for sharing.

PDF converter converts docs to PDFs

When the document is finished you can then share it via email, print it using the built-in iOS Air Print function, or open it in your favorite PDF viewer app, like Readdle Docs.

PDF converter ready to share a document

Files It Can Convert

Along the left side you will see icons for converting various kinds of data, documents or files. It handles the following:

  • Clipboard contents
  • Contacts
  • Pictures in the iPad’s camera roll
  • Email messages
  • Web pages
  • iDisk files
  • DropBox files

The app is also useful as a PDF viewer. Just use the ‘Open In…’ feature in the app that houses the PDF file you want to view and you can see the contents of the file in PDF Converter itself. The viewer doesn’t have as many features as a dedicated PDF viewer, so if you are a heavy PDF user you may want a dedicated app for reading or viewing PDF files.


The app is simple, elegant and works well. I recommend it for heavy PDF users. For others, there are cheaper workarounds like exporting the contents to a computer and using PDF conversion that you likely already have on the computer. If you find yourself converting more than a few files from your iPad to PDF each week, then simplify the process with PDF Converter.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brandon

    07/26/2013 at 5:36 am

    You can use PDF Burger to create & convert PDF files online –
    It is a free service.

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