Pebble Production Ramps Up, Shipments Still Slow
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Pebble Production Ramps Up, Shipments Still Slow



Production of the Pebble smartwatch is ramping up, though the Pebble team hasn’t yet shipped 400 watches to Kickstarter backers.

In the Pebble team’s newest update to backers it claimed that it’s close to manufacturing 1,500 Pebbles per day, and it on track to have 15,000 black Pebble watches by February 8. Unfortunately for the team and backers, however, the Chinese New Year begins on February 8, and production will cease for at least a week.

Every company that manufacturers devices in China has to deal with Chinese New Year halting production for an extended period of time, it’s just bad luck for Pebble that it only recently started production. The team will stockpile components so factory workers can get back to producing Pebbles as soon as the holiday is over.

Pebble CES 2013 6

After the Chinese New Year Pebble will start manufacturing different colors of the smart watch. So far the team has only produced black versions of the Pebble because it was the most requested color.

The Pebble team is also hard at work fixing the software issues with the Pebble smart watch. One of the major issues deals with iOS Mail. After the watch disconnects from an iOS device the software that sends Mail messages to the Pebble smart watch switches off. The company is working on a way to fix the issue so users don’t have to manually toggle a switch every time the watch disconnects from their device.

For iOS devices the team is also working on a bug where the watch can interfere with Siri.

For Android devices, the Pebble team is working on getting messages from default email clients (not Gmail) on some phones to send messages to the watch. The team is also looking into better supporting a number of Android ROMs, particularly Samsung TouchWiz and HTC Sense as well as stock Android.



  1. Patricia H. Vera

    02/06/2013 at 12:00 pm

    as Ashley explained I’m taken by surprise that a person can profit $6798 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this page…

  2. Bill

    02/06/2013 at 5:49 pm

    Shawn… Your numbers are off. “Production of the Pebble smartwatch is ramping up, though the Pebble team hasn’t yet shipped 400 watches to Kickstarter backers.” The first number on the graph is 4000, and given that the US line is almost halfway up it, that means they’ve shipped around 2000.

  3. Art

    02/09/2013 at 10:34 pm

    Shawn. My pebble left Singapore on the 7th of Feb and will arrive in “3 business days”

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