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Pelican’s iPhone 5 Case Vault: Full Metal Jacket



Pelican introduced two new rugged iPhone 5 cases that offer serious protection. Built of aircraft-grade aluminum, the bold water-resistent ProGear CE1180 Vault for iPhone 5 will sell for $79.95 starting April 5. The more subdued Pelican CE1150 ProGear Protector Series iPhone Case will cost $39.95.

Pelican is well-known for building large watertight containers for military, scientific and other applications. The company also builds rugged laptop, iPad and smartphone cases and rugged tablet backpacks. Pelican incorporates the knowledge from these stress-tested products into a waterproof iPhone 5 case that they claim can handle big drops.

Based on Pelican’s booth at CES 2013, a Samsung Galaxy S4 case in the Pelican ProGear series should arrive around June.

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The Pelican ProGear CE1180 Vault for iPhone 5 protects the iPhone 5 from drops as high as 6 feet. Four screws hold the face of the case in place, a more secure solution than the plastic snaps some competitors rely on. A screen protector is included to shield the iPhone 5 from moisture, dust and debris. All of the iPhone 5’s buttons, switches and ports are protected and fully accessible.

One nice touch is that the case features rugged glass to cover the iPhone 5’s rear-facing camera. That keeps photos and video clear. Some rugged cases use soft clear materials that don’t wear well over time, resulting in cloudy photos and distracting scratch marks.


Pelican’s Vault Case for iPhone 5

The Ce1180 Vault for iPhone 5 will be available in dark gray & red, purple, green, and black.

The Pelican CE1150 ProGear Protector Series Phone Case is a more affordable option than the Vault case. Constructed of polymer and rubber, it’s designed to absorb shocks from drops and spills. It also comes with a scratch-resistant screen protector. The Ce1150 Protector is available now for $39.95 in black, white, teal, red, and gray-orange.
Pelican Protector case for iPhone 5.

Pelican Protector case for iPhone 5.

Those considering the ProGear CE1180 Vault for iPhone 5 should also take a look at the Otterbox Armor serries ($99) and the Lifeproof fre ($79.99).

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