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Pelican ProGear Protector iPhone 6 Case Review



The iPhone 6 is just over a month old, but a bevy of protective cases are already available for Apple’s latest flagship. We got our hands on Pelican’s latest case for the new device and took it for a spin.

We’ve already reviewed several iPhone 6 cases, including the Speck Candy Shell and Apple’s official leather case. We’ve also rounded up a handful of good iPhone 6 cases that are worthy of a purchase, including selections from Spigen, OtterBox, Tech21, Moshi, and Incipio.

However, Pelican is a company that deserves a spot on the list as a brand that makes some of the most durable cases on the market. And while the company is best known for its dedication to photography equipment protection, it has dabbled in mobile device cases for a while, and it’s been better for it, making a handful of different cases for all sorts of smartphones and tablets.

The Pelican ProGear Protector line of cases covers a wide range of smartphones, with the iPhone 6 being one of the latest editions to the Protector family. I had the chance to cover my own iPhone 6 with the new case to see if it’s worth a buy, and while I absolutely hate cases in the first place, this one actually wasn’t so bad, and I put my case-hating tendencies to the side and kept the case on my iPhone 6 for a couple of weeks.

iPhone 6 case

The first thing you’ll notice with the Protector case is that it adds a considerable amount of thickness to your iPhone 6 — almost double the thickness to be exact (seen below). This isn’t ideal for those seeking a slim solution, but anyone buying anything from Pelican should know that they don’t take protection lightly, so any case you buy from them will come with some serious padding.

However, it does make the iPhone 6 way easier to grip. I don’t know how many times I’ve already dropped my iPhone 6 (thankfully, all those times were on carpet), but the Pelican Protector makes the new device way easier hold.


The Protector case fits extremely snug on the iPhone 6 and I had a mildly difficult time trying to shove it in the case. This is perhaps a good thing, though, as it gave me some peace of mind knowing that iPhone 6 wouldn’t randomly fall out of the case like I’ve had happen to a number of cheap silicon cases.

Despite the thick protection, the power button and the volume buttons are fairly easy to press, with just a bit more extra effort required to make it happen. However, the mute switch is rather difficult to access, requiring that I sort of dig in with my finger and flip the switch.


As for how convenient the case is for pocket access, it’s certainly makes your iPhone 6 a bit bulky, but despite a little bit of rubber on the outside, it’s rather easy to take it out of your pocket and slide it back in, provided that your pants aren’t tighter than garden hose connected to a spigot.

The Protector for the iPhone 6 isn’t waterproof or dustproof and doesn’t come with any kind of screen protection, but it does protect against drops. In fact, that’s its biggest feature.


It’s tested to “Military Specifications” and it includes an impact-absorbing TPR rubber lining that not only protects the iPhone 6 while it’s in the case, but it also helps absorb any blows if it’s dropped. Furthermore, the case has angled edges that “divert energy” and protects the screen from making contact with any surfaces.

The Pelican Protector case for iPhone 6 in either blue and black or white and black. And while it’s not available for purchase directly on Pelican’s website, you can usually find it at most carrier stores. AT&T sells it for $40 for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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