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Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite Review: Crushproof Tablet Backpack for Daytrips



The Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite is a waterproof, crushproof backpack designed for adventurers and travelers who want to carry an iPad and a keyboard while in rough terrain.

To protect the iPad from water and shock, Pelican built a Pelican Tough Case into the upper part of the backpack. The small compartment is tough enough to handle the demands of travel or adventure. A latch and watertight o-ring seal keep the iPad and a keyboard safe even if the bag is completely submerged.

Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite Review - 09

The Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite includes an iPad case.

The bag offers more than enough pockets and storage for short trips, but it isn’t designed to carry a tablet and a notebook like the larger Pelican ProGear S100 Sport Elite which can hold up to a 17-inch notebook in a waterproof, crushproof case and includes a padded slot for the iPad.

The small padded box for the iPad offers enough room to fit the iPad with a slim case on it and a separate keyboard. The box features padding on all sides and a flap to keep the iPad from banging against the keyboard while walking.

Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite Review - 08

A small pocket in the back fits shoes or other items perfectly.

It’s possible to stash a small laptop in the main compartment, but this bag is a better fit for users looking to travel light with just an iPad and a keyboard like the ZAGGKeys Pro Plus which we carried around in it on several short trips. Pelican says the bag contains 20.5 liters of storage in the main compartment. In this area it’s possible to fit a few day’s worth of clothing or gear. The area is slim, so don’t plan on packing a DLSR in here.

There is an extra storage area on the back of the Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite, this is a good place to store soft goods like socks and shirts. The bag also provides a several pockets on the front of bag, one with a protective plastic plate, to hold miscellaneous items.

Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite Review - 04

Multiple pockets and organizers are found around the bag.

The backpack is comfortable to wear thanks to large, breathable, padding on the back of the case and padded straps. Two pads sit between the plastic iPad case and the wearer’s back, ensuring a comfortable carry. There’s also a plastic handle on the top of the bag.

The Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite is a nice bag for users that need more than your average tablet protection. While it’s possible to carry a slim notebook in the main compartment, this bag is a better fit for travelers looking to go light and protect their iPad. This isn’t our go to bag for day-to-day use, but it’s certainly our first pick for heading out for a weekend of camping or a trip where we plan to pack light without leaving connectivity behind.

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