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Perry strikes again – The Tablet PC Show Podcast #61 is live



image Perry is up again with another Podcast about Tablet PC’s and related devices.  Show number 61 (that’s a lot of Podcasts!) is there for your listening pleasure.  Here is a quick snag of his show notes:

I start this short episode with a shout-out to listener Lyle in Japan and to those listening to the show there and in Hawaii, Lyle’s home state (and my former home as well).

Then it’s on to the news and updates:

  • I corrected something I had said in the last episode. Looks like the new Gateway Tablets will indeed have both a touch screen and an active digitizer.
  • Toshiba announced, and then quickly changed, the prices on the new R400 tablet and wireless docking station. The verdict: $$$$ Not only that, but I can think of one wire even a wireless docking station is going to require
  • Do you use a docking station? If not, why not?
  • Microsoft has released Microsoft Reader Optimized for Origami (say that three times fast), but it will work only on machines with the TouchPack installed. Regular Tablet PC users are out of luck.
  • One of the coolest OneNote PowerToys released yet is the OneNote Web Exporter, which lets you pack up an entire OneNote notebook and turn it into a web site.
  • OutlookLinker for MindManager replaces and enhances the built-in Outlook integration in MindManager. But like most software related to MindManager, it ain’t cheap.
  • Loren Heiny looks at the iPhone and gets some ideas for the next UMPCs and I like where he’s going.

Check it out — Perry is always worth listening to!

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