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Pete Wright is dropping his Tablet PC



We try to feature real-life scenarios of how folks are adapting the Tablet PC to how they work, how it impacts their productivity, etc. In the same vein, I think it is fair to also point out stories of folks who drop the Tablet PC and why. Well, Pete Wright is giving up his Motion Tablet PC.

What I find really interesting about Pete Wright’s article is how he has reached the point to decide that he doesn’t need another PC in the mix. Having that extra PC is complicating his productivity, especially as it relates to syncronization. In an effort to trim down and make his syncing issues much simpler, he has integrated a Palm Life Drive to help him sync his Dell laptop data at work with his Mac at home.

Pete is quick to point out that his Dell is rather “Dull”, slow, etc. I imagine, given an opportunity, he would choose to upgrade that Dell to a Motion Tablet any day of the week. However, given that the Motion is his personal computer and an upgrade doesn’t look too likely, he has decided to give his Tablet PC to his wife and simplify his life.

Let us know how it goes, Pete. I think you have made some very good choices considering the work environment that you find yourself in.

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